Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Money Makin Moves Entertainment On A Rise... Family First!

"We live to fu*k your mind musically" 
is Money Makin Moves motto. Believe me it is much deeper than something physical. The music comes from the bowels of their hearts.
Far greater than anything else, you will feel the passion, that pulsates through this organization.
Family warmth was sensed from the initial contact. In my opinion music wise, 'Raw' is the word that describes them best. The main producer[Bate'] is influenced by a variety of music genres.

The potentials for Money Makin Moves, is unlimited because they are very much out of the box. 
Highly organized, the business aspects are handled without a drop of procrasination. No time is better than the present, exacts the spirit of the movement.  
Let's grow together
As partners in crime, Gerry Batocabe and Jennifer 'Dotora' Huse synthesized their skills into a deadly duo. We have two individuals that were doing their own things then mutually decided to unite forces for a common cause, success. 

"Yes! It is a couples business. 
We have one other silent partner but we are majority owners, and we are both artists. We were doing things as artists on our own for a while and when we met everything just exploded literally. It's very cool! a meant to be meeting of minds!(Smile)"

Gerry Batocabe 
otherwise known as Bate' has military experience. He served six years in the navy, was Honorably discharged.. Unfettered, he continued on into the music field. He is the Ceo of MMM, an artist(singer/rapper), a songwriter and a producer. He has the ability to write a variety of different genres from Hip Hop to country.
Musically inclined, Bate' is a one man show. 

Jennifer 'Dotora' Huse 
is  a model, singer, rapper, and songwriter. Her out going nature fits her job description, which is marketing, extremely well. Bate's is responsible for the creative aspects of production and Jennifer manages the network divisions. 
A true humanitarian. She has a charity organization named 'My Help Brazil'.

Juspin Jones 
("Lotta Talk" feat. Bate')
Video Comin Soon!!

Holding the front down is Juspin Jones. He is naturally military minded; the front lines is where he feels most comfortable. 
Born in Germany, his father was in the military. He was raised in Florida, where he attended Warner University due to a track and field scholarship. 
Later, Juspin Jones played football at A&M University, served in the military, where he spents a couple of years in Japan. 
Japan is where he developed his skills, as an artist.
He is back in the states, representing a new government, taking no shorts.
Money Makin Moves Ent.

Other artist under the Money Makin Moves Ent. Banner on the up are
A. Styles,  and the newest member Yexua. 

In conclusion Money Makin Moves is elevating at a respectable rate. Not only are they talented artistically, but they are very impressive on the business side. They have garnered plenty supporters, connections worldwide on many levels, and their versatility artistically heightens the potentials of success. 
Keep a eye out for Money Makin Moves.

Money Makin Moves Site

"We Live to Fu*k Your Mind!!"

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